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#DeadAttorneys, Immigration and ProBono Firms

This has to be one the saddest events when a seasoned attorney is gunned down in Northern California when returning home.  Beyond Contra Costa County murder James Gilliland of Kirkpatrick, Townsend & Stockton is not the only attorney murdered or attacked in this county.  My “Dead Attorneys” section covers a series of trends about dubious suicides, murder suicides and murders that clearly are changing the course of events.  From there you can find links to a larger list of incidents. 

My personal story supports over 30 years of mayhem directed at my businesses, family, clients and classmates with murders in London, Thailand, New York, New Jersey, Florida and California.   The deaths are currently the untold story of the H-1b activist you once saw on CNN to his uncontrollable fall with near fatal poisoning targeting my assets, life and customers. 


Kilpatrick Townsend represents immigrant victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and persecution in legal actions seeking asylum, U-visas, deferred adjudication and other forms of legal status in the United States. Since 2012, we have represented over 100 such immigrants, frequently securing both work authorization and primary immigration relief, so our clients may lawfully support themselves and their families. We are currently handling a major piece of federal litigation seeking compensation for a group of Indian men who were trafficked into the United States and subjected to brutal conditions and forced labor on the Gulf Coast.


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